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Well, thats just not possible for a man. Clearly, if he gets an erection, then hes interested, right? In many ways, for a man, sexual attraction is seen as equivalent to getting hard.


I didnt conduct a survey or anything, so this section is mostly pure conjecture. I apologize if its completely off-base. If you have any objections to what Im saying, please let me know and I can work to improve this.

Deaf datingsite

So, then, how can you call yourself asexual? Because I dont feel sexual attraction toward anyone. But you said your parts work. That they do. And that you feel like youre a guy.

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Deaf datingsite

Its simply not acceptable for a man not to want to use that erection with someone. If he doesnt, there must be something wrong with him, he must be broken. And so, in a world where thats not just the.

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