Bible dating earth

We even see this in the New Testament where Jesus is called the son of David. Obviously Jesus was not the son of David, but in ancient language it was completely permissible to say so since Jesus did in fact.

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Instead, those writing these family histories would often use the term begat to refer to anyone who is in your direct bloodline. Thus, if Joe was the dad of Frank, and Frank had a son named Larry, in an ancient.

Bible dating earth

Thats just how these things work. But even if these genealogies were absolute, that still doesnt date the earth but we can get into those issues another time. Unfortunately, those like Ken Ham and other young-earth creationists, not only fail.

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Bible dating earth

When you add up the life spans of all those listed in the biblical genealogies, add 2,000 years since Christ, you get somewhere around 6,000 or so. And that is the entire argument of young-earth creationism.

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